50 Best Baby Shower Gifts for 2018 (Updated!)

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Typical baby gifts are cutesy and sweet, but you may want this baby shower gift to be healthy, organic, and unique. You may want this special newborn baby to have a good start in life and want a baby shower gift that will enhance the baby’s health and well-being.
Whether you are celebrating the birth of a new baby, a special christening day or baby shower, our range of organic, fairtrade, handmade and eco friendly gifts are sure to tick all the right boxes when it comes to buying the ultimate in luxury.
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Our Large Organic Baby Gift Basket includes an ivory twill Baby Hooded Bath Towel, two matching baby wash cloths, a bar of our Unscented Castile Soap, a Mini Square Woven Baby Blanket (33x55”), and our adorable Organic Cotton Stuffed Bunny presented in a basket.

Note — this product is vegetarian, but not vegan due to Vitamin D derived from lanolin. Any parent will tell you that when you have kids, safety is your number one priority. Baby gates provide a sense of security for parents, letting them feel safe knowing that their baby or small child cannot get to the stairs, a ledge, or any other hazardous place in the house.

This bab gate is simple to use, locking automatically with a simple push. It fits doorways or other openings between The U-shaped steel frame keeps the gate firmly in place and has an easy to use double-locking handle. Moms know that you can never have too many board books, which is why they make such great shower gifts.

BabyLit Primer books take classic literature and make it accessible to young ones with gorgeous,bright and colorful illustrations and simplification of the story line. Alison Oliver did just that with Alive in Wonderland for this delightful book. It also comes in a hardcover for older kids.

Baby showers usually take place in the third trimester, which means her belly is starting to get really big! This can be uncomfortable as the skin stretches to accommodate the special package she is carrying, and can leave stretch marks sometimes. It contains coca butter, carrot seed oil and essential oils of lavender, mandarin, sandalwood and rose.

It is also not animal tested so she can feel good while she uses it! One of the things new parents struggle with is how to stay fit, or get back into shape, after baby is born.

The best options allow you to take baby along with you while you work out. This bicycle child seat from Yepp is a safe and easy way to take babies along for a bike ride — whether it is for a workout, for fun, or for errands. It is safe for babies who can hold their head up and weigh up to 33 lbs.

It also has an anti-theft lock so you can leave it on your bike no matter where you go. Babywearing has taken the new mom community by storm in the past few years.

Baby carriers have so many benefits — They allow mom or dad! The Boba wrap is a classic carrier, which works for babies from newborn all the way up to about 18 months. It can be tied up in a number of different configurations on the front or side.

It comes in 10 colors so you can choose one to match her tastes and style. For sporty moms and dads, a heavy duty baby carrier is a must. This backpack has all of the features that they need to stay comfortable and keep baby secure on long walks.

It is great for hiking of course but also for travel or for everyday tasks like grocery shopping, walking the dog, or even doing chores around the house. I love to have my one year old in a backpack while I am shopping — He gets to look around and interact with people without pulling things off of the shelves!

This carrier includes heavy duty padded straps and hip support, a five point harness and leg-secure straps for baby, a zip-off day pack, diaper changing pad, underseat storage and hydration compartment. There is even an AutoDeploy kickstand for easy and safe loading and unloading.

This backpack is best for babies who can hold their head up by themselves, and is not recommended for young infants. Every parent wants to keep their child safe. When putting baby to sleep in a crib in another room, moms and dads feel the urge to check in on them frequently to make sure everything is OK. Baby monitors are a must have item for every new parent. This wifi-enabled digital video monitor from Motorola takes it one step further, allowing parents to see a live video feed of their baby from anywhere in the house.

It has a 3. This high tech device will definitely be well received as a baby shower gift, and will give the new parents endless ease of mind after baby arrives. Baby washcloths are another one of those things that you can never have enough of.

This is a less expensive gift that will still impress because they are such high quality and made of ecologically responsible materials. These washcloths are larger than average at 10 x 10 inches, and are great not only for bath time but for cleaning up messy faces at meal time as well. The Boppy Baby Pillow is a classic gift for new moms. It is used as a soft and compfy seat for babys to be able to sit in and look around without being flat on their back in the months before they are able to hold their own heads up.

Boppy has come out with a new and improved version of the classic pillow, which includes padding underneath as well as around baby while they are sitting in it. Boppy pillows can also be used as extra support for mom while she is nursing, as well. My Breast Friend is the best nursing support pillow on the market. Breastfeeding moms are in constant need of support for their back and arms while they nurse their babies.

It can get extremely painful and tiring to try and hold a baby up in the right position to nurse, while also sitting up straight yourself. The same can be said for pumping, which often requires you to lean over in uncomfortable positions to get the right position o your breast pump.

Expecting moms often find themselves surrounded by a sea of pillows in their efforts to find the perfect nursing support. My Breast Friend takes the place of four or five regular pillows by giving moms degree support for their back, arms and baby.

It has a secure clasp to keep it in place while in use, and even has a water bottle holder to make sure she always has hydration nearby, which is so important while nursing.

You can choose from 18 different fabric colors and patterns. Even if this is not something she specifically requested for her shower, she will appreciate this gift so much in the coming months! Pregnant women have a lot of aches and pains, especially in the last trimester. As our bodies grow and stretch, there can be a lot of stress and tension in joints, muscles and ligaments. Even laying down can hurt, as it puts pressure on her sore hips and her heavy belly pulls her back and abdomen down into the bed with it.

Proper support in bed is so important for pregnant women. They need to be supported completely around their body — from their head and neck all the way down their back, belly and hips. Instead of trying to configure four or five pillows under and around her body to try and get comfortable only to shift and move in the night! It supports every part of her body and can even be used as a wrap-around nursing pillow after baby is born. She will love you if you get this for her in her second or third trimester!

The pillow comes in six colors so you can choose one to match her decor. Over the last few years you have probably seen baby food sold in pouches that little ones can suck on much like a bottle. This has fast become the most popular way to give kids their snacks, because it makes it so easy and there is no mess involved.

Kids can hold the pouch themselves and feed themselves at their own pace. These reusable pouches allow parents to put their own mixtures inside and are totally safe for kids. The pouches come in three sizes — 3. This shark robe is an adorable, unisex gift that any mom to be will love! And nothing is cuter than a fresh and clean baby straight from the bath in a bath robe.

The shark features give this robe an extra dash of cuteness. Baby Aspen also has 13 other styles to choose from, including animals like lions, mice, bunnies and pandas. Swaddle blankets are another one of those gifts that new parents can never have enough of. They are great for swaddling of course, but can also be used as burp cloths, lightweight blankets, bathtub liners, and more.

They are breathable, reducing the risk of overheating while swaddled. They come in packs of four and in 18 different color and pattern combinations, some of which are unisex while others are more boy or girl themed. If the mom-to-be that you are shopping for is planning on cloth diapering her baby, this gift set will start her off on the right track. It contains six pocket diapers and six super microfiber charcoal bamboo liners. The diapers are adjustable to fit newborn up to two years old, with a padded and breathable inner liner to prevent leaks.

It also comes with a wet bag — a waterproof, washable bag to carry soiled diapers in the diaper bag with no mess. The set comes in six different color combinations, and you can also purchase extra charcoal bamboo liners. Any new parent that plans to cloth diaper their baby will love to receive a diaper sprayer as a baby shower gift. Diaper sprayers allow you to pre-clean soiled diapers right into the toilet, reducing diaper pail odors and making diapers much easier to clean as well.

They are easy to install, requiring no special tools. You can also get a splatter shield to keep the spray from splattering outside of the toilet, and keep hands clean. I have one of these myself and it has been a huge help while cloth diapering. It also works great to spray and clean out potties while potty training. This jacket features an adorable constellation pattern in grey, white and red on one side and stripes on the other side.

You really cannot go wrong with cute clothes at a baby shower, and this jacket is perfect for both girls and boys. Here is a really useful and unique gift for moms who plan on co sleeping. Cosleeping comes with its own unique set of challenges, including diaper leaks and keeping squirmy babies safe from the edge of the bed. Many cosleeping families place their mattress on the ground, but this is still a pretty big drop for an infant.

It is best to have something at the edge of the bed to block their way and prevent any falls. This pillow does just that, and it will not wiggle out of place in the middle of the night because mom and baby sleep on top of the attached pad. The pad also provides an extra layer of absorption if there is a leaky diaper accident. Even if she is not planning on cosleeping, this pad can help create a safe play space on the bed for when she is just relaxing with her baby. The pillow also doubles as a body pillow while she is pregnant.

The pillow and pad are made of eco friendly organic cotton and an eco-poly fill inside of the pillow. A good rocking chair is an absolute must-have item for new moms. She is going to spend countless hours nursing her baby, cuddling and bonding with her baby, and just enjoying holding her little one in her arms. She needs a comfortable and secure place to sit and relax, and gliders are perfect for this.

They tend to move more smoothly and naturally than typical rocking chairs because they sit on a stable and secure stainless steel base that glides back and forth instead of curved wooden legs. This Delta Children glider is fully cushioned and upholstered so it is ready for many hours of use. The cover comes in two colors — Sand or Taupe — and is removable and washable, which is so important with any baby item! This is something that is going to get a ton of use, so she needs one that is going to stand up to everyday wear, is easily washable, and is stylish as well.

Hip Cub has some great diaper bags that are both fashionable and functional, and the Weekender Tote is a great choice. It is large enough to carry all of the necessities and is constructed of durable materials. The exterior is made of cotton canvas and the inside is a wipeable polyester.

This bag has nine pockets, which is huge when compared with other bags. These include big side pockets, zipper pockets, velcro pockets and internal elastic pockets. It also includes stroller straps to attach the diaper bag to her stroller, as well as a washable diaper changing pad. For more stylish diaper bags, check out our article on the Top 10 Designer Diaper Bags. A baby food mill is a really nice gift for parents who want to avoid feeding their baby processed and prepackaged foods.

Making baby food can be intimidating since it has to be steamed, ground and cooled and new parents just do not usually have the time for all of those steps.

The Baby Bullet comes with a power base, batch bowl, blending ad milling blades, and easy freezable silicone batch tray. It also comes with a two handled short cup with resealable lid, along with a set of six refrigerator safe storage cups so you have make a weeks worth of meals at once.

Click here to see our article on the best baby food makers for more options. Baby booties are quite possibly the most adorable thing on earth. They are always a hit at baby showers and are a super cute symbol of maternity and new parenthood. These unisex booties from Zutano are functional as well as adorable. They come in three month up to to 18 month sizes, and 25 different color combinations.

Babies love sleeping in car seats, but when they fall asleep there are all sorts of things that can bug them or wake them up. Bugs, sunlight, car headlights, wind and more can be disturbing to an infant when they are trying to rest, whether it is during a car ride or when they are out riding along in their infant stroller.

Of course, new moms also have to contend with over-friendly strangers who want to reach in and touch their sleeping baby. A car seat cover is the perfect solution for all of these common problems, and this lightweight cotton muslin cover is an excellent choice. It is easy to install and will fit any infant car seat. The cover is also machine washable and comes in a unisex white and gray star pattern. Travelling with a baby is a definite challenge for new parents, and preparation is key to a successful trip.

One of the most difficult baby items to carry and transport is the car seat. Infant car seats and convertible car seats are bulky, heavy and awkward to carry, but many parents still prefer to have them on a plane or train ride because they offer even better comfort and safety for their baby during the trip. This wheelie car seat cover turns any car seat into a rolling mobile pack much like a wheeled suitcase. This makes travel so much easier, or any time they need to transport the car seat from one location to another.

Play gyms are a classic toy for babies. They allow younger infants to interact with toys and their environment even before they can hold their head up or crawl on their own. Play gyms are usually made of bright colored plastic that quickly fades and ends up looking cheap and ugly within a few months. It is constructed of natural, eco friendly materials including organic cotton, non toxic dyes and wood finishes.

The chain is made of soft and strong silk with a break away clasp, and the silk is knotted before and after each bead for safety.

This necklace can either be hand washed in warm water or it can go in the dishwasher. I have one of these teething necklaces and my son loves it. When I am not wearing it, I tie it to his car seat so that he can play with it while we are on the road.

Sears is going to be a safe bet, such as The Baby Book: Amber is a natural resin, and the effects of the resin when warmed against the skin are said to be analgesic -- that is, a natural numbing agent or pain killer. Natural mommies often put amber necklaces on teething babies to help them deal with the pain. The ones from Inspired By Finn are fantastic, and there's a knot between each bead so that if it breaks, you don't have beads spill everywhere.

The disposable ones often feel really crinkly and icky, and are wasteful. Every baby needs things to play with, and they need to be safe.

Not all moms want one, but most first-time, new breastfeeders will feel more comfortable learning how to latch on in public with a nursing cover. Ones with a plastic piece that holds the collar stiff are a must, so the mom can actually see what she's doing. Sign up for the mailing list at UdderCovers and you'll soon get a code for a free nursing cover -- you just pay shipping. For a tiny bit more, you can get the gift set, which has washable nursing pads and a bracelet to help keep track of which side you nursed on last.

As you're getting used to breastfeeding, sometimes it can hurt. Even when you're seasoned, sometimes you can get sore. I used to get chapped and bleed when I'd go from my humid home to my parents' house in arid Colorado. To keep up your milk supply, nursing moms need to stay hydrated. Natural and AP moms, is there something else you would have loved to have gotten as a gift?

Christie Haskell September 27, at 5: A jar of cold-pressed coconut oil. A sling or wrap. A BPA-free water bottle.

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