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KIDS SWAG was founded in December by Kim West, a wife and mother of two girls, with a primary goal aimed at making it easy for parents with children of colour to build environments that are reflective of their child’s beauty.

Debra hall March 22, at 4: Our society as a whole has seemingly taken the easy way out-- fighting for the negative than for the positive. There's a relaxed luxury in the draped chain that's perfect for decorating lounge areas and dining rooms. Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies.

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Swag Kids Clothing & Accessories from CafePress are professionally printed and made of the best materials in a wide range of colors and sizes.
Apr 04,  · Best Answer: You cant just dress with swag. Swag starts with the person themselves you just gotta have that swag and the clothes will just enhance it. You have to have a confidence to you, like you're the hottest thing when you walk in a learn-islam.gq: Resolved.
Kids Swag, a Canadian company that facilitates “a fantastic selection of lifestyle products for kids from vendors around the world”, is passionate about catering to this essential need. The retail company makes it easy for parents to purchase products with “positive black .
Swag Kids Clothing & Accessories from CafePress are professionally printed and made of the best materials in a wide range of colors and sizes.
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Tiger shirt Orange skinny jeans Baby fashion kids clothes little girl swag Innovative Design of Cute Baby Girl Clothes with Swag and Little. Beautiful black kids babies little girl fashion fashion Kids fashion / swag / swagger / little fashionista / cute / love it!

I think the reason kushandlyrics satire goes over peoples head is because it comes from tumblr and tumblr has it's on stigma to it.

I think things just get lost in translation when some posts things with out reference. I am probably doing a bad job of explaining myself. I know someone for whom this is completely true. Acts "gangster", his mom buys all his clothes, shoes, etc. I work in an inner city school and teach 7th grade social studies. Unfortunately I see kids with "swag" all the time. I've almost given up telling kids to pull up their pants. I have been doing a dress for success day every Friday where the kids get a free homework pass I'm not sure schools should dictate in matters of taste.

Remembering how ridiculus one looked in school is a vital part of growing up. I don't think that that's helpful. They are young, and seek acceptence from their peers, not from adults. Does anyone else get annoyed when they see reddit bash something that isn't up to reddit ideas. Like swag; I doubt many redditors use the term swag in a positive light-- I don't either.

But that is no reason to claim that it's bad. It's a trend and being intolerant of it when it doesn't affect you is rude, ineffective, and immature. I would bet that a large portion of redditors rarely even come in contact with children who say "swag," and the collective angst over it is partly a means of feeling good about themselves by putting down others. But the current use of "swag" is also annoying. It's basically a symptom of easily-influenced children who probably lack positive role models emulating braindead rappers with more money than sense.

For some redditors, it has less to do with bashing youth and more to do with throwing up their collective hands at a trend that reveals the pathetic direction we're headed if rappers are role models. I personally choose to stay neutral on the topic. I mentor two young boys who think "swag" is cool. They think I'm weird because I dress like an adult with dress socks! But instead of ridiculing them for their ridiculous style, I just show them what class, maturity and success look like.

Some day, it'll all click for them. They know how to sell. Have you ever listened to 2Chainz in an interview? That man raps about some ignorant shit, but he knows exactly what he's doing.

Rappers can actually make great rolemodels when you look at the situations they've escaped, their DIY work ethic, as well as their drive to succeed. People don't look to rappers as role models, they look for role models in the characters that rappers play on stage. Which is the problem. But that's the same problem with all of pop. If you go back one hundred years everyone was talking about how Jazz was the music of the devil and heathens. People thought is was so uncivilized to dance around to the beat.

Jazz is now the epitome of class. Black music takes time to be accepted in to mainstream culture—even after it's popular. Finally, class comes in all shapes an styles. It just means having high standards of personal behavior. You can't buy that with a pair of dress socks. Just because you dress like an adult doesn't make you one. In my experience the most mature adults I know joke about how immature they still are after all those years. Exactly, that's the problem. People need to understand the problems with this.

There are much more efficient ways of feeling better about yourself. Our society as a whole has seemingly taken the easy way out-- fighting for the negative than for the positive. It's so much easier to hate something than to be for something. Being proactive is harder and requires more effort, but you get so much more out of it and it's so much more rewarding. From what I can see, society has chosen to be negative at pretty much every given fork.

We've chosen, and continue to choose the easy way out of things by just being negative. As far as I'm concerned, this generation is no more easily-influenced than any other. Granted we lack positive role models, but I put that blame on the previous generation. There has been a trend in pop culture that is increasingly emphasizing the material goods which has started decades ago. This is the reason for our 'negative' role models today keep in mind 'negative' and 'positive' are relative terms in this discussion.

And I don't think it's a pathetic direction. It's actually an improvement in my opinion. About ten years ago rap pop-culture was in the thug mentality. It was about gangbangin and fucking people up.

Now it's more about what cars you have and what clothes you wear. While I love this era more than anyone knows, I think this is a step in the general right direction. You might already know this, but let me say it anyway: That's what cool is now. There's no denying it. Finally, implying your way of dressing is the 'right' "Some day, it'll all click for them.

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