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vivianne - wool sweater, jeans, boots and ropes - part 2 Tied up like this in my favorite sweater, tights under my panty and knee high leather boots I could stay .

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It has been a while but i used to see in Cabela's and other places wool sweaters that were also lined with gore windstopper. I believe they had a zip up and a pull over. I think hat would be the best of both worlds. Nothing beats wool for insulation and its windproof and water proof. Next time I'm in the market that's what I plan on looking for.

Its probably not much thicker than any other shirt. I aired it out for a few days and this is my first day wearing it. I was very surprised how warm I got after wearing it for a couple of minutes and just walking around the house. Wool is all its cracked up to be..

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Find all posts by D. Vanishing Nomad Improvise Adapt Overcome! North Aurora, IL Age: I sincerely appreciate your post! David, Thanks for stopping by and I hope this works as well for you as it did for me! I was amazed at the results! Have to say I really enjoyed your comments to Amy as well!

What kind of person are you to insult her and her son. Calling him disabled because his mother does the laundry. Michaela, I appreciate your comments! Both my sons 2 and daughters 2 know how to do laundry, I felt since I shrunk the sweater I should try to fix it! Nancy, thank you for this post. Both my husband and I have shrunken sweaters in the wash.

The most recent event being my mistake. Samantha, It is funny the comments I receive, some folks just miss the point of the post! My son did the laundry while he was in college and he is a special ED teacher and he still does.

He is also an amazing cook ask his girlfriend who appreciate him for pooling with me so we could buy our house when I lost my job after 23 years. My spouse and I share a house with my mother and two younger brothers because she is disabled and needs the extra help. Thank you for this information. When mine was young, I figured that it was my responsibility as a parent to teach survival skills as a sign of love.

You have GOT to be kidding! Why is it a bad thing to wash your sons sweater?? Sometimes being a mother IS a wonderful job and shows them how to do things by actually doing. This hint is a wonder hint. Will try this afternoon. Ouch, what a small mind to believe that a mom can not raise an independent male child.

I have six children, 4 boys, two girls. As did the original poster, I washed my partners one wool sweater without checking which of the two same colored ones I was throwing into the wash.

And I am double degreed, Law and Business management, neither particularly feminine roles at the time I studied for them stay at home, empty nest,partner. If I make an error, I correct it. I came across this comment at random, this is so unbelievably catty. Do you have a personal issue with the author of this blog post?

I am soaking my sweater now Nancy, and will let you know how it works. Thank you so much for posting theis. Sadly; my woolen top would not restore, It is made of woolen fabric, not yarn. Perhaps this is why. I used an entire bottle of Pantene conditioner. It did stretch out, when it was wet, but just shrunk back to toddler size as it was drying. Perhaps you can suggest something else Nancy.

Willow, Unfortunately woolen fabric is different from a kit sweater. This is what I found. The structure of wool fiber is largely responsible for this. The outside of wool fibers are covered with overlapping scales that run in one direction, much like the shingles on a roof. Wool shrinkage occurs when these scales become interlocked from exposure to moisture and agitation, such as during the washing process. Once interlocked, the scales cannot be released due to their physical structure.

Attempts to forcefully stretch shrunken wools can weaken and damage the fabric. Thanks for this post, Nancy I was given a merino wool sweater by a friend but it was shrunken because it was accidentally tossed in the dryer. These are great things to do. Have a wonderful day and please pay it forward. It really helps your outlook in the world and I sure wish my parents were stil here to share more of their wisdom.

Thank you for the tip Nancy, I have a mohair table runner that I brought back to life using your system. BTW, I just love these internet trolls that have nothing better to do than to give unsolicited advice. Okay, I apologize for giving such a harsh reply on the negative comment of Amy Luna on your tips for restoring shrunken woolen garments.

I have shrunk woolen sweaters a few times before and was seeking sound advice on what to do in case It happens again. Your advice was the most practical and the easiest to follow I have found on the Internet, so it was annoying to read Ms. If she has a better way of restoring shrunken woolen garments, her suggestion would be most welcome.

Do you need to rinse out the conditioner after the 10 min. It seems like the sweater would smell or feel odd if you leave it in…. Christine, the conditioner is dissolved in the water and you then get as much water out as you can. I did not do a separate rinse! Warm water soak, 10min? Also, warm water vs cold: I have a really badly shrunk native-sweater. RC, I suppose if you are dealing with a badly shrunken sweater longer might be better!

If you are concerned about the warm water soak try soaking in cold water first. My husband who normally does all the laundry and does a good job washed a wool sweater in the machine. It was my favorite and it was given to me by my mother who is no longer with us. I am so hoping this works to restore it. The issue here is the shrunken sweater, not the life-style of the person, or how she behaves in her home, who is kind enough to share her experiences with us! Ive just shrunk my christmas gift from my husband, a beautiful cardigan and am devastated.

Gonna try your method tonight. Nancy your post made my day. My well meaning husband who was trying to help me out by doing a couple loads of laundry failed to read the laundry instructions on my favorite Hand made in Peru cobalt blue hand knit wool ski sweater and washed it and dried it.

Needless to say I found it hid in the back of my closet and it now firs our 13 year old. So I am currently soaking it as you directed and will try to coax it back to my size again. I appreciate your write up! I grew up with maids and servants during my childhood. Now I do my own laundry, cooking, house cleaning.

My boyfriend accidentally shrunk one of my favorite sweaters, and he felt so bad… I found this method, tried it, and now my sweater is back to normal. Thank you for sharing! I was super skeptical, but it really works! Thank you so much for posting this, Nancy. I saw another helpful tip on the subject — to use another shirt of the same size as a guide when reshaping the wet sweater.

We also used strategically placed weights when we first laid the sweater out, because it kept trying to scrunch back up. We removed them after the sweater resigned to its fate.

Mit was her favorite sweater from college. For thirty years it stayed out of the laundry machines, until today. She is very upset. I am determined to restore her sweater using this method. Thank you for the timely tip. My mother did my laundry I lived at home as a young person.

Thank you so much for this tutorial! Amanda, You might try it again and see if it even stretches out a little more! Glad it worked for you! This worked an absolute treat. Thank you so much for posting the method. I have a cosy woollen waistcoat that I used to live in every day throughout the winter — so much so that it started to look a little grubby and smelled slightly suspicious. Sure enough, it shrunk.

It became just a little bit too tight to comfortably wear, and hence was demoted to a hook where it lived for around a year. I saw it yesterday and then found your article so followed your instructions to the letter and — hey presto — it now fits exactly how it used to! Extra bits I added in to increase stretch as I noticed it kept trying to shrink each time it dried a little was to employ my boyfriend to wear it for me while it dried, including a couple of balls of socks stuffed down the front so it stretched in the right way!

And then overnight pinned out on the ironing board with a climbing helmet inside the hood to stretch it up too. Thank you so much for you help and show as your experience.

I hurried up and picked my phone and searched for solution.. I gotta be more careful next time!.. I can confirm that this method works, I usually use Woolite or similar enzyme-free detergent for wool, but will try the hair conditioner to see if it gives even better results. I let it soak so the fibers loosen, then gently squeeze out the water and roll up the sweater in an absorbent towel. Then slowly pull on the fabric until it is the shape it once was. I buy second hand cashmere sweaters that were shrunken by people, they assume the sweaters are a write-off, but I restore them and have beautiful sweaters for really cheap!

Hana, That is such a great idea! I never thought of looking for sweaters that other folks have had the misfortune to shrink and then restoring them! What kind of conditioner have you all used? Has anyone tried that unshrinkit stuff posts say it smells bad. I was amused by the drive-by troll at the top of the comments section.

Glad everyone had your back! Gonna try this right now and get back right away with the result! Ray, Sorry to hear about your sweater, Hope you have the success that so many of us have had with restoring our sweaters! Even using the word disabled! I actually laughed a bit, because, lets face it, that comment can only be a joke. I shall try it and hope it works. Nancy, I am wondering do you wear the sweater after it has dried I guess with the conditioner dried into it and then just wash it as one normally would, or did you wash the sweater again AFTER it dried before wearing?

Brit, My son just wore the sweater after it had dried. Suppose you could wash it again if you wanted as it should be resized by then! Yes, this method really does work. I did a couple at the same time, siaking them in the bath. Left them a couple of hours to soak so that was hot and cold water!

I actually hung them on fat pladtic ciat hangers designed for jackets as its not easy to dry flat. The weight of the garment pulls to lengthen the body and arms and I carefully stretched them widthways and then lengthways. Saved a beautiful Falkland Islands wool sweater with oenguin collage.

I also read on a post elsewhere that some coomercial wool jumper makers knit them all the same size and use this method to make the larger sizes! Saves on wool I soppose …. Nel, Wonderful to hear another success story and to hear you information on commercial jumpers! I bought an Aran wool sweater during my travels in Ireland, and I accidentally put it in the wash on warm: O My heart was broken and I felt guilty…I thought this was going to be a timeless piece that I would keep forever….

I am half way through the process and so far it looks promising. The sweater had shrunk when washed it and I was successful in un-shrinking it! My wife has just shrunk my one year olds hand knitted sweater. Now we have just given it back to our son and told him to sort it out. We wait to see if vomit and snot works.

Will let you know. Thank you so much…I ruined a Marino wool favourite of mine.. Carolann, Let me know how it turns out, I hope you have as much success as the rest of us have!

I would like to thank you sincerely for your advice. Had I spent more time and effort I may have had even better results. It shrank so bad. Do you soak it in cold, warm, or hot water? And for how long? Elizabeth, Never fear this conditioner trick should restore your sweater. I aded a couple of tablespoons Mix around so the conditioner dissolves in the water.

Lay the sweater o a thick absorbent towel and place in a cool room. Gradually pul the sweater back into shape and let it dry, This should restore your sweater! Fabulous this really worked I had just ruined a lovely golf jumper — so pleased , thank you. Doing the deshrinking thing at the moment. I bought the most beautiful woolen jumper which was my treat for myself, first wash and wham. All this talk about loosening fabrics have me an idea: Directions say to wet the shoe, insert stretcher and leave for 48 hours.

Then I read this post so for the other shoe I added conditioner. Took half the time! Will be trying this on my merino sweater tonight. And when you stretch the sweater out little by little, did it have the tendency to bounce it back? Do you have to use something to hold it to stay that shape? My hubby did the laundry and shrunk my sweater. I will try this method to explore it. And Amy, I am not disabled, my husband is just a nice loving fella????. Intend of judging others, try getting a life.

Thank you thank you for this post!! Currently drying it now, seems to be better so far!! Hi all — I am, at this moment, waiting my 10 minutes with my sweater in warm water.

Thanks to Nancy for your post… and wish me luck! Regarding Amy or whoever, likely not actually named Amy — as Rjonearth and Christian stated — she is a troll. Why do they do this? Because when they are able to get a rise out of others it gives them some sense of power and control. Perhaps… some day… with a complete lack of response, trolls will become extinct a girl can dream, right?

Sheila, You might want to try it again but perhaps a woolen jumper is not quite the same as a knit sweater? If it is woolen material it might have different properties. So sorry tis method did not work for you. Thanks for this post! Unfortunately this did not seem to work for me. It is merino wool and sadly still the size of something a 10yo would wear.

Katie, So sorry to hear this did not work for you, maybe try again with more cream rinse? Then gently try stretching it out again. Maybe the merino wool makes a difference? I am so grateful that you took the time to jot down something that you tried. My Mom gave me a few pieces of clothing for my son after my Dad passed away a few years ago from MS. My son grew so quickly the wool sweater would never have fit.

I just wanted to wear it. Then I stupidly washed and dried it! It would fit a toddler now. I was all set to turn it into soap until I read your post. I am so grateful to you for sharing. You are not just saving a piece of laundry for me but giving me something sooo special to remember Dad.

I hope you have success like so many others, I have a sweater from my dad that I just love! It took quite a lot of work to dissolve the hair conditioner in the water — there were just blobs of conditioner floating on top that I had to scoop out and mash individually. It should work better to add just a bit of water to the conditioner and make a thin paste — then add a bit more water and stir, to make a gravy — then more water, to make a soup — and then it should dissolve easily.

Kind of like making a white sauce without lumps. Thanks for the information http: Thank you so much for this advice. I washed my Wool sweater by mistake and did your trick and it worked: Do you think this would work on a wool king sized blanket? Might be a problem laying it out but I could use the hot tub cover, I guess.

Dorothy, I know someone tried it on a wool jumper and it did not work. However I always figure give it a try, what do you have to loose? Let me know how it works! I was so upset when it accidentally got tossed in the washer. I learned how to knit and started out making dish clothes. I finally graduated to making a beautiful pair of woolen socks. It took me a year to make the first one! My husband teased me that it would take another year for the second. To his surprise and Mine also I finished in 6 months.

After wearing the socks twice, I threw them into the laundry. I spent some time in Peru and accidentally washed my favorite alpaca sweater. Thanks for the advice! I think Amy has likely learned her lesson. Maybe go easy on her from here on out folks.

Christina, Let us know how it works with your alpaca sweater? I hope it works just perfectly! My mom always made me her son , and my sister do most of the laundry and dishes and cleaning etc! Thus I went out into the world not looking for a woman to be a maid for me. I found a hot boyfriend however that washed all my wool sweaters in hot water and put them in the dryer. You really gotta think these things all the way thru! Dustin, Try dissolving the conditioner in warm water, that might help.

Thank you so much! I purchased a sweater on eBay and unfortunately was not informed that someone had washed and shrunk it. Unfortunately for me, I had waited until the 11th hour to order a Christmas sweater for a party so I had to search the internet for ways to stretch this great sweater. Your post saved me! What a great tutorial! Does anyone know to what extent this method works? Will try this method hope this restore my beautiful jjill wool sweater.

My mother had a beautiful Colombian blanket with a tiger design on it. The maid tossed in the dryer, needless to say it shrunk the beautiful tiger design turned into a cat. My beautiful mother always did the laundry for us kids while we went to school, when the blanket was shrunk my mother was 89 yrs old and disabled.

She had the help of a maid when we were not able to be with her. No, not all maids shirnk wool items and yes i just shrunk my sweater. Sarah, Try the process on your weather and let us know how it works. This makes so much sense!!! I heard about this solution a couple of years ago. Perhaps the sweater was too heavy a knit. My son started doing his laundry when he was in second grade. I got tired of washing, folding, and putting his clothes on this bed, only to find the clean clothes in the hamper.

I showed him how to use the washer and dryer. Later that year he learned how to iron his dress uniform shirt. That was over thirty years ago. Leslee, Sorry this technique did not work for you. So many, including me, have had great luck with it! Dear helpful one, have you ever tried or heard of using baby oil to restore the lanolin.

My sweater was made easily 40 years ago. It has been stored due to an allergy to pure wool, so I have inherited and most grateful. Thank you for your wonderful service, sincerely, Sally L. Sally, I have never heard of using baby oil to restore the lanolin! If you try it please let me know how it works! You can buy liquid lanolin as well. Tried this on a large wool scarf!

I hand washed it and made the mistake of putting it in the dryer to speed up the dry time. It came out the size of a small mat…. I screamed and immediately started googling…. So the conditioner method really worked!

Even though for the most part my scarf is pretty felted and thicker than it was before, the conditioner really loosened it up and has brought back a lot of the original size!

It took my dad and I pulling really hard to get it to resemble a scarf again. And as you probably already know that first comment is just pure nonsense.

Such a moronic thing to say. Janet, The hair conditioner relaxes the wool, not sure if fabric softener would do the same thing. My roommate accidentally washed and dried the alpaca wool cowl my mom knitted for me.

I was about ready to strangle him when I read this… and now I feel so much better! And Amy, you are either a troll, or the biggest jerk on the internet. Your email address will not be published.

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